Too Right Side Dominant, Please help!

by Robert Mirzak
(Glendale, California)

It does not make sense to me to hit the ball with the left hand or left arm. I want to hit with everything I have from the right side and control the shot with the right side.

My left side and arm always seems to be in the way of my right side. I am a right handed tennis player and cannot visualize the power and control from the left side.

My question is, what is the real secret? Everyone is telling me about how important it is to “hit” with the left side.

Something is wrong here! I still have not found any golf teacher who can emphasize which side, the left or right, should be used in the golf swing.

Louis Reply

Robert, thanks for a fantastic submission! You have touched on an extremely important point about the hitting action in golf.

Firstly, the right hand controls the clubface position in the swing and it is vital to learn the correct movement of the arm/wrist hand in your golf swing at an early stage. The left hand controls the club head.

The biggest problem most golfers have is applying the power of the right hand correctly in the swing, most of the times it is applied wrongly.

It is fine to hit as hard as you like with the right hand as long as the hand is also correctly placed on the club. (palm facing parallel to the target)

A good starting point is to check your grip positions of both the left and right hand on the handle of the club before you attempt hitting any shots. They have to be correct in order to apply power correctly.

Should you turn on the power of the right hand without the left hand placed in the correct position, your left hand will break down at impact while your right side will over power the left hand. This will most certainly lead to an imbalance and inconsistency.

We all need a balance between the two sides of our bodies to achieve a controlled golf swing. This is regardless of whether we are left or right handed.

My first suggestion is to make sure your left hand grip and right hand is correctly placed on the handle of the club. You can check the correct hand positions here.

Once your left hand is positioned correctly this will ensure you have control without thinking of trying to get control and you can hit as hard as you like with the right hand. The club face can then return to the ball at impact in a square position.

I must emphasize though, golf is a both sided game and this comes into play from the start of the swing. Almost every muscle in the body left and right are used to make an effective golf swing. What we need to do is blend them into one smooth movement with neither side being too dominant over the other.

My suggestion is to take up your address position and practice your takeaway from the ball. Feel the hands, arms and shoulders moving all together in a “one piece “ motion till your hands are opposite your right leg.

This move will ensure that your hands, arms, and shoulders reach impact in the correct sequence with all these parts supporting each other along the way. Then your right hand can do the hitting.

I am sure this is why tennis players use both hands on the racket when returning a backhand shot. The less dominant hand and arm is merely supporting the hit of the dominant hand/arm.

A common problem with being too dominant with the right hand (and side) is scooping the shot with an over powering right hand and side. This promotes no transfer of weight to the left side on the down swing. Try to avoid doing this by allowing your weight to transfer to the left foot on the down swing before your hands and arms reach impact.

I trust this answer satisfies your questions.

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