Thick or Thin Golf Grips?

by Louis Esselen

What is better, thicker or thinner grips?

Most golfers are not aware of the drawbacks and benefits of playing with thinner or thicker grips.

Custom fitting workshops work on your hand size and match the grip thickness accordingly.

When a grip is properly matched to your hand size then the fingers of the left hand (on a right handed player) should barely touch the upper palm of your hand. That is if you are holding the club correctly towards the fingers of the hand!

If you take your left hand grip with the club resting too much in the palm of the hand, your fingers will overlap and touch or rest on the upper palm, and you will lose grip during the swing.

This is not good and should be avoided at all costs.

Using a grip size that fits you hand size perfectly will allow you to release the club correctly and naturally at impact.


What you must take into account when sizing up grips for your hand is your own preference for the shot shape you desire.

Thinner grips will allow you to release the club faster through impact (the hands can rotate faster). Be cautioned not to use a grip that is too thin, because the club will tend to turn in your hand during the swing. This will alter your club face position at impact and cause errand shots, mostly to the left of your intended target.

If you wish to draw the ball then a grip that is the exact fit for your hand with the fingers barely touching your palm is the perfect fit. This is especially good for golfers who slice the ball.

Should your preference be to fade the ball then having thicker grips fitted are the answer because this will slow down a release of the club head at impact and keep the club face open.

A word of caution here is not to build your grips up with tape, rather buy an oversize grip. The reason for this is tape adds too much weight to the grip end of the club and moves the balance of weight more towards the grip end makes the club head lighter.

To counteract this imbalance more weight needs to be added to the club head.

Timing and rhythm can also be affected with too much weight in the grip end.

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