Right Hand Grip Thumb and Forefinger Pressure

by Aidan Fitzgerald

What function does the right thumb and forefinger play on the golf grip?

I have been told they just go along for the ride and there is no pressure placed on the club with the right thumb and forefinger.

Please could you clarify this.

Louis Reply

Aidan, very good question. Most golfers grip way to tight with these fingers. This inhibits the club head release.

The right thumb and forefinger should firstly, be side by side to one another with no gap while the forefinger wraps around underneath the handle.

The thumb and forefinger form a "v" which should point between the right shoulder and your neck.

When they are in this position there primary role is to support the club at the top and when the club changes direction. There is also automatic pressure on the inside of the forefinger when the club is at impact with the ball.

You are 100 percent correct, no pressure should be exerted on the handle of the club at all. In fact the pressure points for the right hand should be the middle two fingers only.

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