Pull Shot has three Causes

The pull shot in golf is the direct opposite to the push shot, the ball goes straight left of target. The club head path is now moving from the outside to in path.

The causes are as follows: swaying in the back swing, no weight transfer to the right and back to the left on the down swing, and uncocking the wrists too early on the down swing.

Swaying in the back swing

Swaying in the back swing or moving the body to the right in the back swing will cause the club head to move outside the target line. In most cases the club will return to the ball from an outside swing path.

Focus on a correct pivot of the hips, keeping the right knee bent and still on the back swing. Check my turn drills here.

No Weight Transfer

Failure to shift the weight to the right on the back swing tends to keep too much weight on the left side.

This encourages in most cases the weight to be shifted to the right side on the down swing, commonly referred to as the “reverse weight shift.”

The club invariably comes down to the ball from an outside path and can cause a pull shot or a slice.

While working on your hip pivot you should feel the weight shift ever so slightly in the same direction you are turning in. This immediately helps the club to be swung on an inside path going back and through the ball.

Uncocking the wrists too early on the down swing

Also known as casting or hitting from the top. This action prematurely uncocks the wrists too early in the down swing, resulting in a closed club face and a pull shot to the left.

This action destroys the flowing motion of weight transfer to the left side. Instead the weight stays on the right side and the club head enters the hitting area from an outside path.

The only way to correct this fault is to allow the wrists to unfold naturally into the ball.

It is important to feel that everything is moving into the ball unhurriedly, pulling the uncocked wrists down into the ball. The uncoiling of the shoulders will cause the wrists to uncock naturally.

Flying right elbow

Premature uncocking of the wrists causes the right elbow to move away from the body on the down swing. The shoulder turn takes over contributing to poor weight shift helping the club onto an outside path producing a pull shot.

Feel the right elbow return to your side on the down swing. Your wrists will stay cocked naturally and square the club head into the ball. Make sure you combine this action with a good weight transfer to the left side which will give you maximum power.

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