Popping up the Wedges

by Gary

I have somehow incorporated a "pop up" when inside 100 yards.(closer to the 50 to 75 yd range) I take an unusually large, fairly deep divot.
I don't know what Im doing, but my guess would be over swinging on the down swing. I have moved my weight slightly forward which seems to have helped my 50 degree but when I get my 56 degree in hand I freeze up, and what I can tell is I either take too big of a swing or rush my down swing

any thoughts or suggestions

Louis's answer

A deep divot is associated with a steep angle of attack by the club head into impact. This action also produces a high ball flight and is caused by perhaps swinging too hard.

The other reason can be your ball position. If the ball is placed to far off your left foot it will also promote a higher ball flight then normal.

Bear in mind that the wedges are accuracy clubs, rather then distance clubs. You might well want to swing a little slower on these shots and rather try for accuracy rather than distance.

Lastly, your ball position should favor the middle of your heels for most wedge shots during full and half shots. It is vital that you catch the ball on the down swing with these shots.

If you are taking too big of a swing and rushing your down swing, then you are unsure of how much swing you need for the shot you are faced with.

Here's a tip for this problem. You need to gauge how far your hands swing in the back swing for the shot that is required.

For example,if I have a half shot, I will try to swing my hands back to hip height and through to hip height of the follow through.

A shot of 3/4 's I would focus on my hands swinging back to chest height and through to chest height on the follow through.

You can use any parts of your body as a reference point for how much to swing, it is your call.

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