Playing with a Pull Shot

by Fred Y

I took a lesson in Hawaii and found out that I naturally set up aiming right of the target and then hit pulls with all clubs from Driver through 8, then on the scoring clubs I naturally set up square but hit hit shots.... Any suggestions?


Fred, If you are aiming right and pulling the ball to your target on a consistent basis then there is no need to change anything.

If you are not consistent with ball direction, then you need to consider changing your set up and the swing path. Take a look at this page for causes and corrections on pull shots.

Should you not have any of the problems mentioned then you perhaps need to improve on your pre shot routine.

With the short clubs you are setting your body square to the target possibly because you have learned to open the stance for the short shots.

I am not sure what you mean by hit hit shots...
Could you give me more detail?

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