Pilates for Golf, the Safest Alternative For Golf Fitness

Pilates for golf is an adaptation of the original exercises of ”contrology” founded by Joseph Pilates way back in the early 1900’s.

He never formalized any official training program before he died in 1967 at age 87. This resulted in many different versions of his method being taught today.

The basis of some new methods still incorporate most of his original mat exercises. It is worth

reading the biography of Joseph Pilates to gain a better understanding of the Pilates method.

You may be asking, why should I do pilates for golf?

Simply because it is the answer to many golfers swing problems. The focus is on building core strength, improving muscular imbalances, posture, co ordination, strength and flexibility, and increases your breathing capacity. Every golfer needs to improve their core in order to maintain a consistent posture and hit the ball further! Pilates for golf is the best way for you to achieve this.

Who does Pilates?

Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam incorporated Pilates into their fitness routines and many other touring Professionals are following suite, Rich Beem, Phil Michelson, Rocco Mediate, and Camilo Villegas to name a few.

Besides them...

Here is My Story

I am your living proof of what Pilates can do for you. In 2003 I experienced soreness and stiffness in my lower back while playing golf. I also had discomfort when I slept.

It got so bad that I could barely finish 9 holes without being in total discomfort, and unable to swing properly. Very frustrating for someone who makes a living out of golf.

The frightening thought crossed my mind a few times that this was the end of my playing days.

In my desperation, I visited a chiropractor, and after 5 sessions over a few weeks had no improvement at all.(With no disrespect to them.)

Feeling rather dejected by this time, a friend recommended me to a Pilates instructor. Being sceptical and not knowing what to expect I started seeing her together with my wife every week for an hour, and doing the exercises on my own at home twice a week.

I had no idea how pilates for golf was going to help my problem.

After 3 months I started to feel the benefits of these wonderful exercises. The stiffness and soreness began to go away, and I could play 18 holes with only a little stiffness after the game.

My wife also had severe back pain and joined me after an earlier diagnosis she had with osteoporosis. She has not had any pain again since doing pilates exercises.

After about 9 months I had no discomfort at all and felt much stronger in my abdominal area, and more flexible than I have felt in a long time. This all contributed to hitting the ball further than I did before.

After my initial recovery I continued with Pilates, the best golf fitness decision I have ever made.

I would recommend pilates for golf to anyone with or without a back problem. They are the safest exercises you can do.

Get to know a little more through these 2 books.

I own - Fix our Body, Fix Your Swing.

It's easy to follow and to implement. What I like most is the Biomechanics test that is offered and then Joey shows you the exercises to do for improving your weak areas. This kind of information is not dated and it probably won't date for many years to come. You can experience improvement relatively quickly.

Another very good book especially adapted for golf is, The Golfers Guide To Pilates. These exercises are more specifically aimed at your core golf muscles and it would not do any harm to invest in this book and get to know more about what Pilates can do for your body and health.

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