My Golf Swing Has Just Got Shorter

by Peter Raboin
(Superior, WI)

What causes a golfer to take less back swing when confronted with the golf ball than when he takes a practice swing? A friend of mine does this and he is frustrated and losing distance.


I think there are two ways to look at this. One, has to do with technique and the other is the mental image he has of the swing.

Learning takes place mostly through a visual perspective and although we may see the correct movement we most often perform the movement very differently.

Our thoughts become our actions and because we cannot see ourselves swing what we experience can often feel correct but the result will always be our best feedback we receive.

A change in the perception of the present swing has to take place in order for any improvement to occur.

Now I am no head doctor but changing an engrained habit is going to take some effort. The obvious place to start would be to gain a better understanding of proper golf swing technique.

In this case when a swing is shorter, he is not completing his back swing. A very common problem with lot's of golfers.

The answer here lies in practicing a better body pivot (hips) and fuller shoulder turn. In most cases the reason for a shorter swing is because of insufficient shoulder turn.

This narrows the back swing arc and a loss of distance occurs. Repetition of a bigger turn will help alleviate the problem.

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