Holding Back Into Impact

by John Miller
(Aurora, NY)

Here is something I just discovered about my swing you may want to comment on, if you believe others may have this problem.

It may just be me. I am a 57 year old new-ish golfer, but a long time athlete.

I had developed a blister on my left index finger on the thumb side between knuckle and underside on the crease. I had thought it was the result of not wearing a glove and the action of the swing.

I read here about the 3 fingers on the left hand being the hinge and worked that into the process. I discovered that for the 2 years I have been playing, I have been "holding back" the swing at impact, the right hand driving through, and to a degree the left hand as well.

The left index finger was headed backwards and the best way I can explain this is that it was almost headed in the opposite direction.

I am not sure if this not a result of trying to keep left arm straight at contact while hitting down on the ball.

The most amazing part is, I have been able to advance the ball with relative success.

Now I find I am having to totally re learn my swing, distances etc. I have had numerous lessons from various PGA folks from locals to high end and none of them have noticed what I am doing.

When are these sensor people going to come up with a pressure sensor glove so the correct feeling and pressure points can be analyzed and corrected. If the grip is the thing, it would seem to be a winner!

Louis reply

This is a most interesting observation you have made John, and you are the first golfer I have heard from who has discovered and commented on grip pressure.

Strange you should mention a pressure glove, there is actually one on the market called the sensoglove. It is a new product and at $89, I don't think it is worth the price! No offence to the inventor!

It is easy to feel the pressure in the last three fingers of the left hand and the middle two of the right hand without the use of a device.

Although it may take a little while to get used to, it is worth working on and will make a world of difference to your ball striking.

The pressure in those fingers can vary from golfer to golfer because of a few factors like, strength in the hands and forearms, the weight of the club we are swinging and your grip size.

The key is to experiment with what pressure is ideal for you and be aware of it throughout your swing. Bear in mind not much pressure is needed to hold the club securely in those fingers.

The reason you are getting blisters could be that the pressures in your hand is in the wrong place forcing the hand to come off the club during the swing.

This will usually happen at the top of the back swing when you change direction. It gives the feeling of leverage but in actual fact you are losing control of the club.

When you take up the hold on the club, the hands should not move at all during the swing and the correct pressures on the right places will take care of that.

When you practice be aware of this all the time, till it becomes more natural, and a feeling of "unity" with both hands on the club is achieved.

Let me now how you are progressing and thanks for a great question.

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