Grip Problems

by Jon Davis
(Southampton, England)

I am suffering with serious amounts of wear on the heel pad of my left hand. My grip is starting to feel very uncomfortable and sometimes I feel like I'm trying to re-grip during my swing.

As a result of this I'm hooking the ball massively and going through gloves like they are made of paper.

Even if I try and strong grip or a weak grip, I find after impact I have seriously strengthened my left hand grip so 3/4 knuckles are visible, resulting in a probably 45 degree closed club face. Help is needed.

I am playing with tour velvet ribbed grips with 2 layers of tape, and wear a small med glove.

Louis Reply

Jon, this is a common problem with many golfers, so you are not alone.

Getting to your first point of the glove wearing out on the pad of your left hand suggests that the handle is placed too much in the palm of the hand.

When you swing the club with the handle too much in the palm you restrict the natural wrist hinge of the left hand on the back swing.

So, in order to get some leverage the tendency is to let go near the top of your back swing with the left hand. When this happens the club face changes position when you re-grip again for the down swing. Hence your wild shots.

The handle rubs along the pad causing the wear you have described.

To avoid this rubbing action, place the handle more towards the base of the fingers of the left so that you can feel that you are holding the handle in the fingers and not in the palm.

The other concern you mention is the size of your grips in relation to the size of your hands.

You are wearing a small med glove and your grips are built up with 2 layers of tape.

This could pose a problem for you to hold the club like I have described because the handle may be too thick. As a general rule, the fingers of your left hand should barely touch the palm of your hand when you take your hold.

The change of direction of the club head at the top of the swing, places forces on the hands during the swing, specifically, at the transition stage.

Therefore it is imperative to have a good hold with the last three fingers of the left hand throughout the swing. The pad of your left hand should be on top of the handle.

See the grip page how this is done. Check specifically which fingers bear the most the pressures, and practice it.

Practice taking your left grip closer to the fingers and seeing only two knuckles. Be aware during the back swing of the pressure on the last three fingers of the left hand all the way to the top and down through impact. Go slowly sensing the hold without letting go.

The movement will feel much less "handsy" and more solid with the hinge happening more naturally.

A very effective drill is for to practice the exercise with your eyes closed, it will help you to sense the change and adapt to it much quicker.

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Apr 14, 2012
ware on right hand
by: Anonymous

suffering with chaffing on my rh index finger and thumb i am right handed golfer hitting the ball fine no ware on glove help ,

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