Golf Training Aids are Excellent For Improving Your Game

I have been a fan of golf training aids ever since I started teaching. They give such added value to a lesson and really help develop a feeling quicker for the desired swing motions.

I have used many different golf training aids, for example golf training clubs, and other golf training equipment. Most of the golf teaching aids mentioned below I have used myself and with teaching students. They have proven themselves invaluable in bringing the desired “feelings” across.

What is most important is how to use these golf teaching aids correctly for maximum benefit. If there is a video that comes with the aid, play it a few times and understand what needs to be done.

My other advice is not to become to reliant on the device and neglect practicing without it. They can become useless to you with overuse.

I have related some of the training aids to typical golf faults, and others I have explained to you why you need the device.Take a peek at these pages.

Should you like any further advice I would be glad to assist, or if you want to comment on any training aid that has helped you,

let me know here!

  • Golf training clubs- For golfers who want to improve consistency in their swing plane. Highly recommended for most golfers and beginners.

  • Perfect Golf Grip- A must have for most golfers and beginners. The grip addresses so many important issues in the swing, not to mention consistency.

  • Swing trainer- A simple and very effective aid to help correct the cocking of your wrists in the back swing. Also helps your swing plane and path.

  • Golf Swing Problems- You can ask a question or find some help here.

  • Putting Track- Keep your putter path and ball contact consistently in the sweet spot.

  • Home Putting Mats- Groove your stroke at home!

  • Ernie Els Training System- Learn Great putting and full swing tempo from the master himself!

  • Weighted Golf Club- This is a 3 in 1 training club, promotes good tempo, stretches all your golf muscles and strengthens them. A must have!!

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