Learn How to Control Your Golf Swing Thoughts

We limit the positive use of our golf swing thoughts with negative thoughts and beliefs.

To learn and play our best golf we need to understand a little more how our minds work.

Take a look at how

Tiger Woods learned to master his mind, and read how Butch Harmon shaped Tiger's mental game earlier in his career.

According to scientific study we can think in two different ways, the logical way allows us to analyse a situation, and the creative side processes our feelings and emotions.

Both combine to give us our actions.

Studies show we are dominant in one or the other. It is this reason that we all learn in different ways to one another.

In golf, we need a combination of analysis and creativity to achieve our desired outcome.

A pre shot routine prepares us mentally before we play a shot. Here we process a lot of information in a matter of seconds both analytically and with emotions and feelings.

The fact is, most amateurs I have played with and given lessons to are negative in this area and have too many thoughts in their mind. They don’t have a positive mental picture of the shot before hand allowing negativity to dominate.

A negative golf mind can be compared to a ship setting sail without a rudder. You are doomed before you start. Fill your mind with positive thoughts on what outcome you desire.

Unfortunately a lot of us allow our golf partners to influence the way we think and this can only disrupt your thoughts.

Learning to apply a pre shot routine in your game can help you blank out the distractions. This will eliminate all the guesswork, negativity and confusion, and help you to stay positive. Try doing it and you will experience and immediate improvement in your shot making ability.


What is concentration?

It is the ability to keep the mind occupied for a period of time with an outside task and /or with an inner thought. Positive golf swing thoughts helps to eliminate outside distractions.

What your mind is concentrating on during the pre shot routine will affect the outcome of your shot. It is crucial to take charge of your golf swing thoughts before you play the shot.

The body cannot distinguish between imaginary input and real input.You can now let the creative juices flow.

Lastly, concentration is only needed at the moment before you play your shot. This accounts for very little time during 18 holes. For example, if you score 100 for 18 holes, the time you will need to concentrate will be approx 30 to 40 minutes out of 3 to 4 hours of play.

Make sure you have enough time to plan your shot before playing it. Look for wind direction changes, what direction is the flag blowing in, and select the club according to your lie and not to what you should be using. This is most important.

Being decisive will help your concentration. Have an exact plan in your mind of how you will play each shot will give you the freedom to swing efficiently. Learn here how you can drop your scores by using simple

mental golf strategies.

Take a look here at some simple tips on golf course strategy to help you immediately lower your scores.

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