The Golf Swing Takeaway has a few Distinct Feelings

The arms, hands, and club all move as one piece in the golf swing takeaway. They are all very much relaxed as possible during this motion.

There is no hand action yet, but the hands are alive to the club head and feel the weight of it.

Moving everything together encourages the left shoulder to start moving to the right side underneath the chin. Secondly there is a distinct feeling of creating a wide back swing (movement to the right side.) The hands feel the weight of the club head all the time.

With the arms staying together and resting on top of your chest they will automatically move with the turning of your chest, setting you up for a perfect swing path into the back swing. They have no other option but to feel connected and relaxed and in sync with the body turn.

It is important to understand a golf swing takeaway is a sideways move. Sweeping the club away gives width to the back swing, encouraging the shoulders to turn behind the ball on every take away movement.

You can blend the same move into your takeaway simply and quickly with the help of a training club. It will do wonders for your shot making.

Look at any tour player and you will see the similarities in this initial move. They all display passive hands.

What will become important is that the hands stay opposite the chest for most of the time during the entire swing. Evidence of the arms and body turn moving together and feeling connected.

See how the club here has been taken away on the inside.

Good advice for senior golfers is to let their hips turn slightly during the takeaway.This encourages the
hips to pivot, and the shoulders to turn fully every time.

This move is a deliberate move and sets you up for performing the swing in the proper sequence.

A good tip for ensuring the arms move in sync with the shoulder turn each time and ensure a wide take away is to keep the right arm straight during the take away, then let it begin to fold.

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Golf backswing

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