The Golf Swing Stance gives you Balance

The first step in taking the golf swing stance is aiming the club face to your intended target.

The stance is then taken once the club is aimed and the balance is felt in the insides of the feet over the shoe laces.

Very few golfers take this seriously. Instead,the body is aimed first to the target and the stance afterwards.

You are doomed if you take the stance first.The body will now be aimed at the target and the club face will now be aimed right of the

target or left in some cases. More on this subject is in the pre shot routine article.

There are three basic stances in golf...the question is..

Which one is the proper stance for Your golf swing?

The Square Stance

I use the square stance for all shots with the exception of the bunker shot. It’s easier to stay with one stance. Bear in mind that the width of the stance will vary according to the club used.

As a general rule the closer you get to the putting green the closer the stance becomes.

This stance sets you up to make an on target swing back and through to the target line. Recommended for all players and beginners.

The Open Stance

The open stance here, turns the lower body towards the target slightly. This encourages
the arms to swing left of the target line
resulting in a fade or slice.

Tennis players do the same action when
playing a cut shot.

This stance restricts your body turn but helps get through ball better.

The Closed Stance

I use this stance with my driver sometimes.
If I want to draw the ball I know that I can with this stance. It's just such a good
strong position to swing from.

You create a lot of space to attack the ball from inside the target line.

The left foot is drawn back slightly away
from the body line. This stance can be
related to the forearm topspin shot in tennis.

A very strong stance for any golfer to adopt because it gives you better balance and power, encouraging the arms to swing
right of the target.

This creates either a draw or straight shot depending on how much you can square the club face with the hands.

I would recommend this stance for the driver and long fairway shots for any level of golfer especially senior golfers.

The best is to practice all three golf swing stances and find out how they influence your results.

Stay with what works for you.

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