Understanding Golf Swing Release can Help You Unleash more Power

The golf swing release is probably the least understood and most important movement in the swing. It is your power generator!

Power is stored and then released in this process. In the down swing the momentum straightens out the right arm and a rotation occurs in both arms, hands, and club head,returning you to mirror your address position at impact.

This is how maximum club head speed is achieved.

The hands are your greatest speed producers in the golf swing. When the sequence of movements are properly timed they will accelerate the club head to maximum speed the moment the club face reaches the ball.

Two feelings are distinctively felt during this motion, namely, arm rotation and the unhinging of the right wrist. The later the unhinging of the wrists into impact can occur, the more speed will be generated to the club head and the further you will hit the ball. Any tension in the arms and hands will inhibit this natural movement.

It is better to allow the arms, hands and club to release on there own into the ball rather than to consciously pull or manipulate the club head into impact with the hands.

Sam Snead described this feeling very well when he said it is like ”free wheeling through the ball.”

The arms, hands and club head rotate anti clockwise back to impact.
The rotation of the arms combined with and unhinging of the right wrist multiplies the speed of the club head up to seven times its normal speed.

These two positions above are most common with good players who display a good golf swing release. The one on the right is a mirror image of what took place in the back swing on the left.

As an exercise take up your address position, swing back till you can feel a full hinge of your wrists, then swing down and through till you are in the position like in the picture on the right. Repeat a few times and you will build the feeling of swinging the club freely through the ball feeling arm and hand rotation and the unhinging of your right wrist.

You should be able to feel how you can accelerate the club head with your hands with ease and get the same feeling Sam Snead was talking about.

If you have been struggling with your golf swing release and got into bad habits here is another exercise you can try.

Swing down slowly to the ball while rotating the hands and arms anti clockwise and letting the right wrist hinge straighten.

Try to turn the club head with the toe facing the ball as shown in the picture. This will give you the exact feeling of rotation and releasing instead of blocking the shot by keeping the hands and club face open.

You will now be able to experience your right arm crossing over the left after impact and a proper release of your hands and club head.

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