Know What To Feel in Your Golf Swing Fundamentals

Firstly, golf swing fundamentals are referred to as the grip, stance, address, posture and balance.

They form the foundation that all golf swings are built on.

Obviously, how well you perform the golf swing fundamentals determines how efficiently you will swing. These fundamentals never change making it easier for us to apply correctly.

But most golfers never listen or take the fundamentals seriously enough.

Utilizing “feel” will bring your swing mechanics together giving you a sense of knowing what you are trying to accomplish with the shot and get you performing the fundamentals easier.

Touring professionals work on their basic fundamentals every week, proof of how important they are.

In fact some of them have won tournaments from correcting the smallest error before a round.

A good example was Jack Nicklaus, who was practicing before a round and could not understand why the ball was going right of his target. His instructor Jack Grout told him that his body was aiming to the right of target. On closer inspection he saw that he was indeed aiming right of his target.

This example is very common with most golfers. Habits creep in without us noticing and this is why we need to check the fundamentals all the time.

Improve your pre shot routine and you will experience a significant swing improvement and consistency.

I have covered all the parts of the swing here and given you feelings to add in each fundamental to make it easier for you to perform them consistently. Take a look at what a difference "feelings" can make in your swing if you apply them.


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Pre-Swing Feelings

  • Golf Grip
  • Golf Swing Posture
  • Golf Swing Setup
  • Golf Swing Stance
  • Golf Swing Balance

    In Swing Feelings

  • Golf Swing Takeaway
  • Golf Backswing
  • Golf Down Swing
  • Golf Follow Through
  • Golf Swing Sequence
  • Golf Swing Speed

    The Short Game Fundamentals

  • Golf Chipping Drills
  • The Pitch Shot
  • Putting Tips

    Other Important Fundamental Feelings

  • Golf Swing Release
  • Golf Swing Timing
  • Golf Swing Plane

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