Golf Help with Common Golf Swing Faults

With these free golf help tips you will be able to solve some of the most common golf swing faults with the fixes I have provided.

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Almost all swing faults are a direct result of poor basic fundamentals namely grip, stance, posture and swing plane.

Should you try to correct your faults without applying good fundamentals you will always struggle to improve. Therefore I strongly advise you to go back to “basics” and get a better understanding of them before continuing.

Once you understand the basics better, improvement will be a breeze.

Changes you make to your swing will feel uncomfortable, and it will only feel that way till the new way is repeated enough times.

It is important for you to understand that permanent change only takes place through repetition, perseverance, patience, and practice. Having a positive mind frame will also be a great help.

Are you unsure about how to improve?

Do you have a question? Why not write to me and let me help you.

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Typical Faults And Explanations How To Fix Them.

  • Golf slice
    You have to learn different swing feelings to change your swing. Take a look at the main faults that cause a slice.
  • Hook shot
    A better players swing problem and easier to correct than a slice.
  • Push shot
    Some basic causes and how to fix the them.
  • Pull shot
    The opposite to the push shot, find your fix here.
  • Shanking
    The most dreaded shot in golf. Learn how to solve this problem.
  • Topping the Ball
    There are many basic errors for topping the ball...
  • Hitting Behind the Ball
    Read what a visitor asked about this shot.
  • Golf swing power
    A power golf swing is not only determined by your build and strength....
  • Golf swing techniques - Learn why the conventional swing is still better than stack and tilt, and one plane swings.
  • Golf Improvement - Take The Mental Test Know where you are to plan your improvement.

    Contributions From Visitors To This Page...

    Latest submission- How to discover consistency on the links
    Consistency and proper golf technique are desired and achievable within any golfer’s game, regardless of the level.

    Can't Make a Shoulder Turn 
    I have had rotator cuff surgery and then fell re-tearing it, and Cannot raise arm as well. Also, have 3 cervical discs pressing on spinal cord.

    When …

    Elbows Position 
    I have a question about where my elbows should point when I address my ball.

    Should my left elbow be pointing at the target or left of it, and should …

    No Follow Through 
    I don't follow through on my golf swing. Can you give me a drill that will help me? Thank you.

    Louis Reply

    There are basically two reasons for …

    Hooking Iron Shots -( except Pw) 
    I am 57 years old and playing golf 14 years. For years I struggled with a slice, then a fade, then straight, which I loved.

    Now all of a sudden this …

    Too Right Side Dominant, Please help! 
    It does not make sense to me to hit the ball with the left hand or left arm. I want to hit with everything I have from the right side and control the shot …

    The Set-Up, Hands location from Wedge to Driver 
    Are the hands set the same distance away from the body on all clubs-----axis perpendicular to alignment?

    Secondly, on the parallel axis to alignment …

    Posture in Setup 
    Is the degree of spine tilt the same for all clubs in the bag?

    Louis Reply

    Yes most definitely. When I do a video golf swing analysis I measure …

    Range Mats to Grass 
    Hi Louis,

    I hit balls all winter off mats, always hate it, but its the only choice I have in the Chicago area. Ninety percent of the time I hit the …

    Across the Line Swing Plane 
    I have been as low as a 5 h'cap and right now I am really struggling.

    I tend to take the club inside and cross the line at the top then loop it to get …

    Hitting Behind the Ball 
    Love your website, especially the fundamentals section.

    I have a question regarding my cousin's swing. When he hits balls at the range with his irons …

    Golf Grip Technique Help 

    I been playing golf for 2 years, not good though, the problem I have is squaring my clubface at impact. I need help with the grip. I am lefty playing …

    Playing with a Pull Shot 
    I took a lesson in Hawaii and found out that I naturally set up aiming right of the target and then hit pulls with all clubs from Driver through 8, then …

    Top of the Back Swing 

    What should the club head look like at top of the back swing?


    The only concern is the position of your club face at the …

    Are my Clubs Right for Me? 
    Hi Louis,

    I am a 9 handicap and i have a set of Taylor Made rac LT os and I have a king cobra m-speed 10.5 deg driver with stiff flex shaft and my swing …

    Over the Top Golf Swing 
    I have a fairly flat swing and keep my right elbow in tight, but I feel like I am looping at the top of my back swing into my down swing because and I …

    Left Foot Lifting on the Back Swing 
    Hi Louis,

    Really enjoying your 'feel' approach to the golf swing! Adds dynamics into garage practice after work and golf swing mind experiments that …

    Head Games with Wedge Shots 
    Lou, How are you !!

    I'm now a registered (after 20 + rounds this year) as a 3.7 handicap.

    About once a round I have a mental breakdown when faced …

    Alignment in Golf Not rated yet
    To my mind the single most difficult thing to do on the golf course is to get lined up properly. I have been plagued by this nightmare all of my (long) …

    Missing my Target To The Left Not rated yet
    Hi my name is Mick and am having trouble hitting greens. I tend to turn the ball over from right to left missing the green a lot. On some tee shots I …

    Across the line at top of backswing Not rated yet
    How do I simply correct my club being across the line at the top of my back swing? It happens with all clubs.

    Louis reply

    Good question Ron! This …

    Left Arm In Backswing Not rated yet
    Does the left arm come across tight to the chest on the back swing?

    Louis reply

    Yes, But we need to careful about which part of your left arm! …

    Dribbling The Driver - Just Lost It! Not rated yet
    I had a great drive and I now started topping and dribbling the ball off the tee. It is almost like toeing it.

    Louis reply

    I have covered all …

    Learn To Draw the Ball Not rated yet
    How do I hit a draw?

    Louis Reply

    Drawing the ball gives you more distance and fortunately, there are a couple of ways to play this shot. You will …

    Straightening Back leg on backswing Not rated yet
    What is the result if you straighten your back leg on the takeaway.

    Louis Reply

    This is an interesting one and often confuses many golfers. The …

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    Golf Weight Shift  Not rated yet

    Here's a comment I recently received from a subscriber.

    Thanks for the golf weight shift drill you mentioned in this months news letter. I believe …

    My Golf Swing Has Just Got Shorter Not rated yet
    What causes a golfer to take less back swing when confronted with the golf ball than when he takes a practice swing? A friend of mine does this and …

    grip Not rated yet
    losing grip with right hand. probable cause?

    Lost Ball in GUR Not rated yet
    What is the rule if a ball is knowingly lost in GUR?

    Louis Reply

    If it is certain that the ball is in fact lost in an abnormal ground condition(GUR)through …

    A Golf Downswing Question Not rated yet
    You say the downswing is started by the left knee, and elsewhere, in answers to questions, say that this move is in fact anticipatory and automatic. That …

    Hooking the Ball Not rated yet
    I am a right handed player and I am in the habit of hooking the ball. I have altered my grip, but although I have some success I am inconsistent.

    Perhaps …

    Toe Shots Not rated yet
    What is the most common cause for the toe shot?

    My clubs are properly fitted and I don't feel I am standing too far from the ball. Hitting pretty solidly. …

    Topping Long Irons and Fairway Woods Not rated yet
    I have trouble during a round with topping some fairway woods and long irons. A bad habit is also that I get stuck on my back foot sometimes. My handicap …

    Golf Swing Release Not rated yet

    I am a 9 handicapper and about twice a year I seem to completely loose my swing. It is mainly release and only with my irons. I block my swing and …

    Hitting the Driver too High Not rated yet
    What can you do to lower your ball flight on your driver? I have always hit it high even when I move the ball back and lower the tee height.

    Louis …

    Source of Power in the downswing Not rated yet
    Your instructions for the golf swing are spot on but could you elaborate on the source of the power in the downswing.

    When you move the left knee over …

    Heel Hits on the Clubface Not rated yet
    I consistently hit the ball towards the heel of the club face, does this mean I am to flat on my swing plane? My irons are built three degrees upright, …

    Rules Question, Ball Hitting Tee Marker Not rated yet
    Is there any rule for your ball hitting the front marker while teeing off?

    Louis Reply

    No, you play the ball as it lies. Dam these rules!

    Driver Set Up and Hands Location Not rated yet
    With a driver take your setup standing on a floor with parallel squares, place the ball position off the inside of left heal line looking down to floor …

    Unique Coffee Stick Drill! Not rated yet
    I just came up with an Idea that made me understand the plane of a swing and after practicing I found it works for both the Irons and the driver, with …

    Left Arm at the Top of Back Swing  Not rated yet
    Looking down the target line the left arm assumes a position relative to the right shoulder at the top of the back swing.

    My questions are:

    Where …

    Practice Swing Differs From Actual Swing Not rated yet
    I can't seem to repeat the actual swing after my

    practice swing. I would make 2 good practice swings and then top or shank the actual swing. Please help! …

    Pulling My Drives Not rated yet
    I normally hit the ball long and straight and driver has always been the strong part of my game.

    Now I seem to be pulling all my drives left. I tried …

    Left Arm Bent too Much on the Downswing! Not rated yet
    I want to know how to fix my left arm bend.

    Please help? Thanks, Danny.

    Louis Answer:

    You can see from the lines I have drawn in the picture …

    Shanking Chip Shots Not rated yet
    I was asked the other day, how to stop shanking chip shots.

    The answer is to pay attention to the path your club head is swinging on. Shanking is …

    Junior Golf Exercise Question Not rated yet
    Hi Louis,

    I have a 11 year old son that is a competitive Golfer, and I would like to know of some good exercises that he could do to increase his core …

    Free Golf Help Not rated yet
    Here is an email from another satisfied visitor!

    I stumbled onto your site during a goggle search, and boy am I glad I did.

    I was looking for info …

    A Combination of Faults Not rated yet
    I usually play off a handicap of 18, at the moment Im a 10. I am currently top of our winter league with one week to go, but the last two weeks have been …

    Weight distribution and Down Swing Issue Not rated yet
    I was hitting balls the other day and discovered that at address my weight seemed to be a little more on my back foot, instead of evenly distributed. …

    Pulling the Ball hard left Not rated yet
    I tend to push the ball hard left due to strong right arm. How do I overcome this? It gets worse when I start getting tired.PLease help?

    Hi Phil, …

    Click here to write your own.

    Skying the Ball Not rated yet
    I am skying the driver off the tee? What is causing this?

    My Answer:

    Hitting skied shots is actually the opposite of the top shot.

    A skied shot …

    Golf Swing Issues... Not rated yet

    I was completely comfortable with my swing at the beginning of last season.... flatter then normal and standing a little further away from the ball. …

    Golf after Surgery Not rated yet
    I recently had a nasty rotator cuff surgery. I'm almost done with rehab, do you have any guidelines on how I could ease back into my golf game?

    Louis …

    Popping up the Wedges Not rated yet
    I have somehow incorporated a "pop up" when inside 100 yards.(closer to the 50 to 75 yd range) I take an unusually large, fairly deep divot.

    I don't know …

    Solving an Over Swinging Not rated yet
    I have a big overswing killing my game. I didn't always have this, and can't seem to figure out why I'm doing this.

    I can see the club head out of …

    Divots Not rated yet

    I am a 35 yr old female taking golf lessons, and my instructor does not know how to teach/explain how to take divots out on a good swing. …

    Starting the Down Swing and Hand Release Not rated yet
    I am a 70 year old male and still very flexible. I cannot initiate the downswing correctly and do not understand how to delay the release of the hands. …

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