The Golf Grip, Your Source for Power and Control

A proper golf grip plays the most important role in the golf swing, simply because it connects your hands with the club, and the feel of swinging the club comes from your hands.

I often asked my students if they feel the weight of the club during a swing. Most of the time the answer is no. One student said that he had never thought about it. Big mistake.

I prefer to talk about the "placement" of the hands on the club rather than "the grip" because many golfers associate the golf grip with tightness or tension and any excess tension destroys a swinging motion of the club head.

The hands need to be placed in a way to promote feeling for the club head.There role is to work together as one unit allowing you to swing the club as freely as possible without letting the hands go.

The correct golf grip pressure points and having a proper golf grip are essential for solid ball striking, consistency and maximum distance.

Lets start with the left hand placement for right hand players. Lefties need to do the reverse of what I am showing here.

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left hand golf grip1

Notice the angle of the left hand. This allows you to place the club over the base of the fingers with the pad on top of the handle.

This is my preferred left hand position specifically for mid to high handicappers because it encourages an automatic hinging of the wrists into the back swing and a better release of the club into impact.

A gentle squeeze by the last three fingers of the left hand is the only pressure that is required.

left hand golf grip 2

The feeling here is that the handle is now snug in the last three fingers with the thumb resting on top of the handle.

The fingers should not touch the inside of your hand but be close to it. If they do touch or dig into the palm of your hand, the handle is too thin for your size hand which can cause the handle to slip in the fingers altering the club face angle during the swing.

Alternately, a handle that is too thick for your hand size will slow your hand action during the release of the club face at impact and encourage the club face to stay open.

The correct pressure points are illustrated in the picture with a "P" written on my fingers.

You will be surprised how firm the left hand is now without holding too tight. Give the club a tug with the other hand and test it.


We all have different size hands, meaning fingers and the palm. You may struggle to apply this left hand grip if the handles of your clubs are not the correct size for your hand!

A perfect fit for you would be when the fingers barely touch once you have taken your hold on the handle like I am describing.

left hand golf grip 3

A face view of the left hand showing the thumb
pointing straight down the handle at the name.

In golfing terms this is a neutral position of the hand.
Meaning neither to weak or strong.

This left hand position gives you the best possible
chance of achieving the correct hand action during your swing, and squaring up the club face at impact more consistently.

Practice it till it feels comfortable and try to repeat over and over again

Remember to hold tighter with the last three fingers only! This is critical for a few reasons and I would strongly suggest you get a copy of my book,
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left hand golf grip wrong way leftf hand golf grip right way

It is most important to get the correct placement of the left hand on the handle of the club. The pictures clearly show the wrong and correct placements. This position will help a great deal for fixing a golf slice.

The wrist is on top of the grip of the club, giving you full control of the club head during the swing, allowing you to deliver the club face in a square position at impact.

golf grip right hand placement

The right fingers wrap themselves
underneath the shaft with the small
finger overlapping the trigger
finger of the left hand.

right hand golf grip 2

The correct feeling here is the palm of the right hand fits snug behind the left hand and not on top of it. The pressure points being the middle two fingers of the right as shown.

The right thumb resting on top of the left thumb.

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perfect golf grip

Palms face each other and parallel to
the club head.

With the hands in this position you will be able to have power and control over your swing. A perfect golf grip.

This position of the right hand on the handle determines a correct hinging of the wrist in the back swing.

There is no doubt that a good grip will help you swing much more efficiently.

golf grip overlap

The Overlap Grip

The most widely used grip and the most comfortable in my opinion.My favorite grip because nine fingers are wrapped around the handle and the more the better.

More commonly known as the "Vardon Grip," named after the famous British golfer of the early 1900's Harry Vardon. He used it and made it more popular amongst other players too.

This grip is still the most widely used grip today especially amongst long drive contestants. It is easy to do and allows you to place the hands correctly on the handle every time.

golf grip interlock

The Interlocking Golf Grip

This grip should only be used if you cannot overlap.

Interlock the fingers only once you have done the
otherwise the position of the hands change which can spell disaster. The palms will not be facing the club face.

The problem is, you have less fingers around the handle than the overlap.

golf grip 10 fingers

The Ten Finger Grip

Is great for senior golfers because it gives more freedom in the hand action. The same pressures in the fingers apply here as mentioned above.

Lastly, placing the hands correctly helps to give you a good swing plane, squaring the club at impact,and hitting
straighter shots.

Check it regularly and make sure the hands are in the right places.

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