Golf Drills for
Improving Your Game

Golf drills are the best way for you to learn or improve the physical movements in the golf swing.

Performing specific drills, “communicates feeling” more powerfully than any explanation, making them your number one choice to change bad habits or develop new ones.

Combining golf drills with simulation is a very powerful way to learn and train.

Pilots and astronauts do simulation training periodically during their careers. These hours spent in simulators sharpens their skill levels and help them execute correct procedures with various aircraft they fly and prepares them to deal with any emergencies during a flight.

Doing golf drills is also simulation, and through repetition golfers learn to feel the correct movement needed in his/her own way.

When Nick Faldo changed his swing with David Leadbetter he spent a year working on all the changes, repeating them over and over till he developed the feel of what movements were needed. This shows you the intensity of some tour players and the extremes they will go to to change their swing moves and improve

The best possible way for you to experience a change in your swing is to practice a drill slowly at first. This enhances feel for what is needed making it easy for you to incorporate the movement into your swing much easier and smoothly.

Secondly, understand what the purpose of the drill is and repeating it enough times will establish the feel for the movement.

Below are some great drills you can do to improve a number of different areas of your game.

  • Putting drills Putting drills can be a great help to understand your putting action and to sink more putts. The drills presented here are the cream of the crop, and will definitely help you to become a better putter.

  • Chipping drills These golf chipping drills will help you to lower your score by developing a feeling for what is required.

  • Golf Swing Drills Here are two great golf swing drills to give you more distance and a power turn.

  • Body turn drills If you want to experience permanent golf swing improvement then body turn drills are the answer.

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