Golf Chipping Drills To Lower Your Score

These golf chipping drills will help you to lower your score by developing a feeling for what is required.

Practice chipping with a few different clubs

You should learn to chip with the 7,8,9 iron and your wedges. This will give you a variety of different shots to choose from and give you the best possible chance of getting the ball close to the hole from any given situation or maybe even hole out!

Hold each one the same length to maintain the same feel.

Every tour pro who is faced with a chip is trying to hole the shot, they know they can because they know how the ball will behave with the club they are using.

There is no reason why you should think differently. If you can learn to play chips shots with all the clubs I have mentioned, you will be able to make better decisions with club selection and execution.

Here are some great golf chipping drills for you to practice and become a master at chipping, and remember, alignment is critical, so place two clubs parallel to your feet and chip balls from between the two clubs.

Distance drill

Judging distance is not easy with chip shots, and the best way to develop your technique is to practice different distances. Long chips and short ones, and if possible, practice from as many different situations as possible.

Towel Chipping Drill

Place a small golf towel on the green,use your 7 iron, chip 5 balls and count how many land on the towel. Notice also how far the ball is rolling. Repeat the exercise with the 8,9, pitching and sand wedge.

This exercise drill will give you a good idea of how the ball behaves with each club and will help you to make the correct selection of shot in playing conditions.

Isao Iyoki, the Japanese tour player is a master at chipping the ball, he can make the ball bounce anywhere on the green he chooses, so good is his touch. You can do the same if you dedicate two thirds of your practice time to these golf chipping drills.

When you can easily make your first bounce on the towel, try using a coin in place of the towel, then pick a spot with your eyes.

Leg Lock Drill

The is the best of all the golf chipping drills on this page.

One of the biggest faults I have seen amateur golfers do, is scoop a chip shot. The right hand wants is too active and breaks down the left wrist at impact. Disaster strikes! Skulls, duffs, you name it. Here is a great way to solve this problem forever!

Take up a narrow stance and let your right knee press against your left knee. Lift the right heel up a little to get comfortable. Your weight will be on the left foot supported by the right knee resting against the left knee.

Now play some chip shots and feel how still your legs stay. This action forces the arms and hands to swing down and through the shot making ball club contact crisp each time. This works extremely well and builds the right feeling for the correct chipping action. Bye bye scooping.

Make sure you finish with the club head low to the ground. Chip shots are low flying shots.

You may want to take practice swings before hitting balls and focus on letting the club brush the grass which will guarantee crisp contact with the ball and the perfect ball position.

Chip with Your Eyes Closed

This has is the best of all the golf chipping drills to develop feel for the correct movement. Address the ball and close your eyes, chip one ball with your eyes open and the next one with them closed. Alternate a few times. Write down what you experience.

If it proves to be hard at first, persevere till you get it right.

Chip Over Your Golf Bag

Place your golf bag standing upright in front of you a few yards away and chip balls over it. Move it a little further backward and vary your distances.

This exercise drill gets you focused on the length swing needed. each time you move the bag. Here is a good hint when playing any chips shot. If you were to throw the ball with your right hand, how much arm swing would you need to get the ball close to land on the spot you have chosen and get up close to the hole?

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