My Golf Book Reviews

I would like to share a few golf book reviews with you on books that I have personally read and enjoyed.

They are not about golf instruction, but relaxed reading about the lives and stories of the people who have contributed significantly to this wonderful game.

There is humour in all of them of which I am sure you will enjoy too. Others bring very strong messages of what it took them to succeed. Lessons we can learn from.

Great gifts for any occasion.

Golf Book Reviews: "Think Like Tiger" by John Andrisani

This book is a must read if you want to play better golf using your mind. It exposes the inside story on why Tiger wins so often. How it all started with his parents and what they taught him.

You will meet the golf instructors who also contributed to the mental lessons his parents gave him. How a psychologist trained Tiger and caddied for him as an amateur. You will learn how Tiger prepares for the Majors and get some invaluable tips on course management and mental strategies.

This a great book for parents who have kids interested in golf or any other sport.

Golf Book Reviews: The definitive Biography of Nick Faldo “Driven” by Dale Concannon.

Not the most well liked player of the past, but the book gives you further insight into someone who is definitely “Driven” and very misunderstood, especially by the all the press.

You will read about Faldo’s Ryder Cup experiences, his failed relationships, major swing changes and the sense of humour of this very intense person.

Read how his girl friend reacted on one of her rampages.

What struck me the most in this book was Faldo’s incredible work ethic. A lesson we can all absorb.

A good read.

Golf Book Reviews:Jack Nicklaus “My Story” with Ken Bowden

The greatest golfer of all time when it comes to Major Wins. Someone who put his family first and still found the time to accumulate all those wins in the majors. He focuses a lot on his championship golf in this book.

One story I recall was Jack playing numerous rounds of golf while on his honeymoon.Something I am sure most women today would not tolerate . The best of all was one of the rounds was in the rain and Barbara his young bride actually walked the round with him.

What I found amazing was the numerous times Jack wanted to quit the tour, and encouraged by Barbara he carried on winning time and time again.

This book is very special to me as I grew up and learned my golf in this era and the hard copy book I have is signed by Jack himself.

Golf Book Reviews:“Shark” The Biography of Greg Norman by Lauren St John.

The reason I have this book is my fascination for this flamboyant, charismatic golfer from down under.

Although this is the first book written of Norman’s life I found it an excellent read.Yes, he is rather aggressive, complex, and unfriendly but popular at the same time. He certainly brought some life into the PGA tour.

His attempt at starting a world golf tour got him into conflict with the tour bosses but what I enjoy about him is his guts and talent as a tour player.

An easy reading book , in fact, I read it in three days.

Golf Book Reviews: “Good Bounces and Bad Lies” the autobiography of Ben Wright by Ben Wright and Michael Patrick Shiels.

By far the most hilarious book I have ever read about the stories behind the scenes at golf tournaments.

Ben Wright, from journalist to CBS Sports commentator. He takes you through his journey of experiences in broadcasting, interviewing golfers, and the naughty things that he and his colleagues get up to. Some stories are unbelievable.

Ben gives you detailed accounts of untold stories of the lives of commentators on the PGA Tour.

I found this book hilarious non stop laughter. There is a sad side to it though, with his addiction to alcohol which he makes a big joke of.

If you enjoy laughing then this is a must.

Golf Book Reviews: Zinger: A champions story of Determination, Courage,And Charging Back. By Paul Azinger and Ken Abraham.

The title describes this book. It is an incredible fight of courage and self belief.

I enjoyed the stories of his early playing days on what he called “the camper tour.”One particular episode was when his wife drove the camper through the toll gate not realising that the roof of the camper was too high to pass underneath, thus ripping the roof open. Paul was sleeping at the time.

Zinger’s firey encounters with Seve in the Ryder Cups make also good reading.

This is certainly a book for everyone’s collection. A great read. In fact any young aspiring golfer should have a copy.

Golf Book Reviews: The Ryder Cup, Golf’s Greatest Event by Bob Bubka and Tom Clavin.
This book takes you into the history of the Ryder Cup from it’s inception back in 1927 up till the historic match played again at Brookline, Massachusetts in 1999.

A very revealing story behind the ropes of the players of this great event, and how it turned from a friendly match and over the years turned into an international mega money event.

I would urge all golf fans to read this book, most enjoyable.

Golf Book Reviews: The Golfer and the Millionaire by Mark Fisher.

A great book on inspiration covering a story of a golfers struggle to believe in himself. He needs to overcome failures to succeed.

He is aided by a millionaire who teaches him to direct his focus on what he wishes to achieve. He learns to overcome negative thinking and fear of success.He also learns to put these principles into his life off the golf course.

An easy read and very motivating book for any age to follow.

Other books I have not read but believe are worthwhile reviewing are:

My life In and Out the Rough: The Truth behind all that Bull…. You Think you Know About Me by John Daly.

Arnold Palmer: Memories, Stories, and Memorabilia from a Life on and Off the Course.

Have You read them? why not share Your review with other readers of this page, contact me here.

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