Free Online Golf Tips

These free online golf tips are what I believe to be the best basic value for improving your score!.

The short game is not a difficult part of golf to master if you understand the basic techniques required for each department, ex, putting, chipping, bunkers and pitching.

Once you can perform the techniques without thinking about them, only then will you be in a position to

experiment with the variations of those techniques.

I would like to encourage you to develop your imagination for the short game. It is an invaluable way to lower your scores. Try to be as vivid with your imagination as you can with the short game and you will experience better results fairly quickly.

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  • Golf Putting Tips - Some good basic tips here but...

    I strongly suggest you purchase Optimal Putting by Geoff Mangum if you are serious about lowing your scores. The 55 drills for putting skills included are worth gold to anyone wanting to lower their scores.

  • Golf Chipping Tips - How much swing do you need, how to play delicate chip shots, building consistency and more.

  • Golf Pitching Tips - Swing length, get the ball airborne,playing from deep rough.

  • Golf Bunker Tips - understand your club head, the plugged lie, playing from fairway bunkers.

  • Golf Swing Tips - The elbows, relaxed legs, hitting from the top.

  • Golf Driving Tips - Ball position, swing path.

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