Choosing Golf Clubs to Suite your Kid

Most parents do not know the importance of choosing golf clubs correctly for their kids.

The obvious choice is to cut down some adult clubs for them to use and in all sincerity it is the worse choice to make. Why?

A child swinging with cut down clubs will not be able to feel the club head when they swing because the shaft gets stiffer when you shorten it. The head will also be too heavy and the grip too thick.

This can cause your child to get into bad habits right from word go. Think of it if you were to try to swing a golf club that was 3 times as stiff and twice as heavy. I am sure you would also struggle and give up.

When choosing golf clubs, half sets are available for kids from 2 to 3 year olds. They could even use a plastic set with plastic golf balls. Junior clubs are manufactured to fit a child better and should be taken advantage of. The shaft is more flexible, club head is lighter, and the grip is thinner, perfect for kids.

Here is a good selection of junior clubs and individual clubs to choose from.

My advice when first looking for golf clubs is to buy only 2 clubs to start with, a 7 iron and a putter which can be bought separately. You can buy both these clubs for as little as $20. The reason I say a 7 iron is that it is easy for the child to get the ball airborne, which will give them confidence from the beginning and think that golf is a really cool game.

My experience has taught me that this is a major factor in keeping their interest and getting them motivated.

Sooner or later your "young champ" is going to grow out of the club that they using and will need a longer one. You need to keep a watch on this and have the club lengthened accordingly.

Should you have the existing shaft lengthened the shaft will become more flexible. If so, then you may need to buy another one.

Club fitting measurements for kids is done according to their height. Choosing golf clubs is easy. Measure you child's height and the distance from his or her wrist to the floor when standing erect. This gives you the measurement needed for a perfect fit.

Always make sure that your kid is playing with correctly fitted clubs to give them maximum benefit. As they get older and better at golf they will probably need more clubs or possible a full set.

Now that you know what clubs to get, try this good resource for junior clubs.

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